Inspections & Permits

Making changes? Adding on? Contact us first for required permits.

Inspections & Permits

Do I need a Permit? Here is a short list of projects that need a permit:

  • Fences Swimming pools (above and below ground)
  • Water Heater Replacements
  • New Window Construction
  • Installing water/sewer lines
  • Changing electrical service panels or upgrading, installing new circuit above 25 volts and no more than 50 watts
  • Any structural changes, add-ons, remodel, etc.
  • New construction
  • Storage building greater than 200 square feet


2009 International Residential Code 

2009 International Building Code 

We urge you to call the City Hall Inspection Department at (817) 641-3336 x123 if you are making any changes.

pdficon smallFee Schedule

pdficon small  Residential and Commerical Permit Application

Residential Development & Building Guide 

pdficon small  Residential Inspection Chart



pdficon small  Commerical Inspection Chart

pdficon small  Land Use Chart

pdficon small  Commercial Building Permit General Information

pdficon small  Contractor Registration

pdficon small  Zoning District Regulations

pdficon small  Ordinance No. 2008-364 - Landscaping

pdficon small  Ordinance No. 2010-397 - Masonry

pdficon small  New Energy Requirements

pdficon small  Trash Service Guide

pdficon small  Water & Sewer Fees

pdficon small  Water, Sewer & Sanitation Services

pdficon small  General Development Ordinance - Pages 1-27

pdficon small  General Development Ordinance - Pages 28-50

pdficon small  General Development Ordinance - Pages 51-80

pdficon small  General Development Ordinance - Pages 81-105

pdficon small  Back Flow Test

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