The Finance Department is responsible for all financial functions of the City, and provides accounting and budget services to all departments within the City of Keene.

The finance department:

  • Assists in preparation of the Annual Operating Budget
  • Arranges for annual financial audit service
  • Monitors budget compliance
  • Prepares and presents periodic financial reports
  • Performs necessary state and federal eporting requirements
  • Manages the City's investment, portfolio and banking relationships
  • Processes utility billing and City accounts receivable & payable
  • Manages payroll


Finance Manager
100 N. Mockingbird Lane
Keene, TX 76036


Ph: (817) 641-3336 ext. 38
Fax: (817) 556-2060

Additional Contacts
  (817) 641-3336 ext. 23

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Monday – Friday