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Community Center Rental Agreement


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Policies
  3. 3. Fees
  • Step One

    1. (Photo identification required. Must be at least 21 years of age.)
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    It is unlawful for any person to publicly sell, consume, display or possess alcoholic beverages on or within the municipal complex premise without a permit.
  • Deposit for Use of Alcohol with Reservation
    A $300 alcohol deposit shall be required in addition to the aforementioned deposits.
  • Security and Fire / EMS Fees
    If alcohol will be consumed, special event provisions are evoked, or if determined by the City due to the nature of the event, the applicant, at the minimum, will be required to reserve a Keene Police Officer and/or Fire/EMS personnel, at 1 officer per 50 guests at a rate of $45 per hour with a two-hour minimum. The City shall determine if any outside assistance either in place of or in addition to City Police Officers and/or Fire/EMS may be used or if the number of officers needs to be above or below the minimum due to the nature of the event. The City shall have the option to reduce, waive, increase, decrease or alter such requirement and/or fee on a case-by-case basis.
  • Hired for Service
    All bartenders or servers of alcohol shall have the necessary State-required licensing to serve alcohol at the event. Documentation shall be submitted with reservation application.
  • Food Handlers
    The applicant shall submit the necessary state-certifications and, if applicable, County health certifications for food handlers.
  • Weapons
    It shall be a violation for a person to possess, carry, display or exhibit any weapon on the municipal complex premise whether or not the weapon is loaded, concealed, open carried or licensed. This provision does not apply to those persons who are duly licensed by the state to carry a weapon in accordance with the provisions of subchapter H, chapter 411 of the Texas Government Code, and as amended from time to time, or otherwise authorized by state or federal law except as provided by subsection (1) of this section. This provision also does not apply to local, state, or federal law enforcement officers or agents.
  • Kitchen
    The kitchen shall be used solely as a warming and food preparation area only. No frying or cooking with grease of any kind shall take place. The use of the kitchen shall be by rental only. The renter is responsible for emptying and cleaning appliances if used. Any food left on the premises will be discarded.
  • Animal Occupancy in the Community Center
    No animals shall be allowed to enter the Community Center unless otherwise allowed by local, State or Federal law.
  • City-Owned Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Usage
    Screen(s), projector(s), stage with skirting, tables (round, rectangular or combination thereof) and chairs are located in the Large Community Room and can be used with the reservation. Microphones/stands, cables, laptops, and thumb drives are available upon request.
  • Failures of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment During an Event
    The City shall not be responsible for any failures to any furniture, fixture and equipment (FFE) during such event. The renter will inspect all FFE prior to the event and shall acknowledge all FFE is in working order prior to the event. Should a failure of FFE occur during such event beyond the control of the renter, the City may refund all or portion thereof any event fee.
  • Use of Outside Furniture, Fixture and Equipment
    Any use of outside furniture, fixture and equipment (FFE) in conjunction with the event shall be subject to approval prior to use of the Community Center or part thereof. The applicant shall list and locate all FFE on the application and upon payment of fee and deposit. Any FFE used that is not listed on the application or any equipment listed causing any damage to the Community Center shall forfeit any deposit and may subject the renter from no future reservations hereafter. No combustible-engine motorized vehicles shall be allowed in the Community Center.
  • Tobacco Free / Clean Air Policy
    The entire municipal complex premise is designated as a clean air environment and prohibits any kind of tobacco use or alternates to tobacco regardless in the form of smoke or smokeless to include:
    • Bidis, Kreteks, and the like
    • Electronic cigarettes
    • Hookah
    • Tobacco cigarettes
    • Any other forms of smoking devices
  • Damage Deposit Fee
    The City shall have the discretion for any activity that allows alcoholic beverages and/or feels such activity may cause considerable damage to the Center, furniture, fixtures and equipment such as dances, concerts, sporting events, or any mass gatherings, a damage fee of up to $1,000 may be charged in addition to any of the aforementioned fees or deposits. Furthermore, any event causing damage to any of the Community Center, furniture, fixtures, equipment and entire Municipal Complex shall forfeit such deposit and possible refusal on any further use of the Community Center thereafter.
  • Renter Responsibility
    This agreement gives the contract holder (and guests) access to the Community Center only. Use of other facilities such as the Park or City Hall is not permitted. Unauthorized use of other city facilities will result in total forfeiture of the damage deposit.

    Contract holder (renter) is responsible and will be held accountable for any damages. The renter or their designee must be present during preparation (facility decorating and catering set-up) and clean-up times. The City will address any problems or concerns with the renter or their designee. All personal properties must be removed from the facility at the end of the event as the facility may be scheduled for use the next day.

    After the event, any damage and/or major clean-up costs will be deducted from the deposit; deductions being based on whether or not the clean-up after the event was satisfactory. The Community Center Administrator will determine this. Renter must notify the City’s staff of any damages accrued during rental of the Community Center. Damages may include, but are not limited to, damage done to the facility, equipment, or any City property.

    In the event that fees exceed the cost of the deposit, the contract holder (renter) will be liable and billed accordingly. The City will notify the renter if all or part of the deposit is being held, or if the renter is to be billed for additional fees.

    City Responsibility
    The City is responsible for the storage of all City furnishings and equipment and the routine maintenance of the floor.

    Smoking inside the building is prohibited.