Inspections & Permits

Permit Checklist

Do I need a permit? Here is a short list of projects that need a permit:

  • Any structural changes, add-ons, remodel, etc.
  • Changing electrical service panels or upgrading, installing new circuit above 25 volts and no more than 50 watts
  • Fences
  • Installing water/sewer lines
  • New construction
  • New window construction
  • Storage building greater than 200 square feet
  • Swimming pools (above and below ground)
  • Water heater replacements

Residential & Building Code

  1. Don Martin

    Assistant City Manager
    Phone: 817-641-3336, ext 101

  2. Stephen Cagle

    Permit Technician / Utility Clerk
    Phone: 817-641-3336, ext. 130

Fees, Permit Application & Inspection Chart

Residential Building Information

Commercial Building Information